Azadi Tower in Tehran - Beautiful IRAN
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about Azadi Tower in Tehran province

(in IRAN)

 This tower which represents the city of Tehran is part of Azadi cultural complex which is located in Tehran`s Azadi square in an area of some 5 hectares


This complex is composed of the following sections; The 50 meter high Azadi tower, which forms the main part of the museum and its architecture, is a combination of Islamic and Sassanid architecture style. The audio - video hall of the complex which has been designed based on Iran`s geographical map displays the regional characteristics of Iran in so far as cultural, life style, religious and historical monuments are concerned

A mechanical conveyer allows the visitors to visit the hall in total comfort. Some art galleries and halls have been allocated to temporary fairs and exhibitions.
The Diorama hall with 12 chambers puts to display activities in agriculture, handicrafts, modern industry, etc. A cinema, library and sideline services complement the activities of this complex

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