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About Shamsolemareh Palace in Tehran province

(in IRAN)

 The Shams ol-Emareh which is one of the first high-rise buildings of old Tehran, Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar ordered Doostali Khan Nezam ol-Dowleh (Moayer al-Mamalek) to build it.
He choose a site to the east of the Arg and finished the building in 1867 A.D.
The building which was well planned and adorned with various decorations such as stucco, Ayaneh Karie, tile and murals is one of the most beautiful of Tehran`s historical buildings.
Moayer al-Mamalek not only built with his own money, but bought also the carpets and furnishings and presented a complete building to Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar

This palace is located in the eastern section of Golestan palace and belongs to the era of Nassereddin Shah. The king was inspired in one of his visits abroad, by the multi - storey buildings he observed there. The building was constructed by Doost Ali Khan Moayerrol Mamalek in 1865 - 1867 . The structure of the building is strong and the symmetries have been formed beautifully. The building is brick made with thick walls. In some cases the thickness of the basement walls exceeds 600 centimeters and the thickness of the ground floor walls stands in the range of 510, 150 and 120 centimeters

Shamsol Emareh has been the tallest royal building with three stories and two towers on the top. This building used to serve as a place for official receptions and also the private harem of Nassereddin Shah. In his book entitled Meraat - ol - Boldan, Etemad - ol - Saltaneh describes its halls and chambers all equipped with high quality and premium curtains, chandeliers and posters.
Address : Golestan palace complex, 15th Khordad Square

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