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about Ghara Church in West Azarbaijan province

(in IRAN)
This church, which is the graveyard of Saint Thaddaeus, was built during the 8th centery AD in Chaldoran village (near Maku) at the foot of a hill. Black and white stones were applied in the construction of this church, but it was restored during the 13th century AD after it was destroyed as a result of an earthquake
The martydom anniversary of Saint Thaddaeus, is a day when special rituals are performed in the church and this place is one of the most important places of worship for the Iranian Armenians

The dome of the church resembles a pyramid with 12 buttresses and the eastern exterior has been decorated with black stone and that is one reason why the church is called Ghara Kelisa, meaning black church. In the eastern and ancient side of the church which belongs to the 10th centery, there is a courtyard and preaching hall on the entrance of which an inscription in Armenian presents some details about the main building and other inscriptions indicate that the building of the church was repaired in 1814 AD on the order of crown prince Abbas Mirza Qajar

In various interiors and exteriors of the church there are relief exhibits which demonstrate religious meetings, the picture of the saints and the scenes of the historical tales of the holy book along with numerous decorative and ornamental designs, all with great worth and value from the artistic and archaeological point of view

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