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About Minar Jonban in Esfahan province

(in IRAN)

 The tombstone of Amu Abdollah bears the Hijrah date of 716 A.H. (1316 A.D.) and two minarets, one on either side of the mausoleum ivan, from the main attraction of this place, since any movement produced in one of them is automatically reflected not only in the other minaret, but even in the whole ivan. Hence, the popular name (Minar-i Jonban). The architectural style of the monument is that of the Mogul period.
The ivan of the mausoleum has been ornamented with four-pointed and polygonal azure tiles, and an inscription on the tombstone reads as follows:
(This is the tomb of the virtuous,god-fearing Sheikh, Amu Abdollah ibn Muhammad ibn Mahmud Saqla, my God less his soul. Dated (17th Zil-Hijja, 716 A.H.).

One of the stunning historical buildings in Isfahan is Menarjonban which is located 6 kilometers west of the city of Isfahan, on the way to Najaf Abad in a village called Karlatan. The architectural style here belongs to the 14th century (Mongol style) complemented with dark blue tiles in the form of stars decorating two arches and the sides of the portico

If you climb up the very narrow stairway to the top of one of these two shaking minarets and lean hard against the wall it will start to sway back and forth, and so will its twin. This situation, according to experts has occurred gradually with the passage of time


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