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About Vank Church in Esfahan province

(in IRAN)

 There are three churches in Julfa, of which the most important is the Vank church or (The Church of the Saintly Sisters). This church has been built in the reign of Shah Abbas II, in 1074 (1663 A.D.).
It is most interesting as regards its architectural merits and tileworks. The Julfa Museum is also housed in this edifice.


The portal inscription of the Church is an Armenian and contains the name of Shah Abbas II and other informative matter giving the Armenian calendar years of 1104 and 1113 (1692 and 1701 A.D.) as those of the start and completion of the construction. Other historical churches of Julfa include the church of Hakop, the church of George and the church of Mary

All savior`s cathedral (known as the Vank). Its design is very much similar to that of the domed sanctuary chamber of a Persian mosque, with the addition of a raised chancel and altar within a semi, octagonal apse. By contrast to its modest exterior, the cathedral`s interior is lavishly decorated.
This cathedral is very famous among other of Isfahan in so far as the architecture and artistic decorations are concerned. Vank church was built on another church constructed in 1605 A.D. There are many inscriptions inside and outside the church whose contents invite the readers to pray for the constructor of the church and his descendants. The inscriptions also suggest that the church has been built in 1692. during the reign of Shah Abbas the second.

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