Masouleh in Gilan - Beautiful IRAN
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About Masouleh in Gilan province

(in IRAN)

Although regions to the south of the Caspian Sea are mainly covered with mountainous and traditionally virgin villages and settlements, but one can not help mentioning Masuleh, 56 km. southwest of Rasht and 1050 meters above sea level, which is actually the most breathtakingly beautiful village here

Approached from Rasht via Fuman by a dramatic pass and completely surrounded by forest, this perfectly preserved village appears to have grown out of its surrounding like a limpet clinging to a rock

It`s formed of several irregular levels of terraced, pale cream houses with gray state roofs, interspersed with evergreen trees.
So steep is the slope that the familiar Iranian network of narrow alleys is entirely absent, andinstead the flat roof of each levelof houses forms a pathway for thelevel above.
The village has few facilities to offer the visitors, but its in spiring setting makes it a perfect antidote to travel in the dry and dusty central plateau, and well worth a day trip from Rasht.
It`s bitterly cold in winter, with snow sometimes three meters deep, but the climate in summer is extremely pleasant and bracing

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