Alisadr Cave in Hamedan - Beautiful IRAN
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about Alisadr Cave in Hamedan province

(in IRAN)

 The Alisadr cave-lake, 120 km to the north-west of Hamadan near a village by this same name and at the foothill of Su-Bashi, is one of the strangest natural sights in Iran, in fact, the latter is an endless network of caves full of clear water.
The Alisadr cave-lake was discovered in the first half of 70s, and is now being visited by waves of local and foreign tourists. In some sections the caves are more than 100 meters wide.
In some sections the cave ceiling,is more than 10 meters high.
This cave is located 80 kilometers northwest of Hamadan, in the Subashi mountains close to Ali Sadr village and is one of the most beautiful natural features in the world.
This cave is composed of large and small spiral channels which are linked to one another.
In some sections the cave is 100 meters wide and 10 meters high.
Ali Sadr cave was discovered during the fourth and fifth centuries and today lots of tourists visist it in the summer

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